Call for papers. 

2. Special issue of Milli mála – Journal of Language and Culture 2023

The Poet, Dao and Mysticism

Special issue, edited by Geir Sigurðsson, on Daoism (Taoism) and mysticism in the works of Halldór Laxness, their influences and his interpretations.

A priority will be given to papers on the works of Halldór Laxness himself and their relations with Daoism and mysticism, but papers on the relations of other Icelandic writers with Daoism and/or mysticism will also be considered. Among potential themes are the following:

    • Daoist manifestations in individual works by Halldór Laxness,
    • The understanding and interpretation of Daoism by Laxness himself,
    • Other mystical elements in the works of Laxness,
    • Mysticism and/or Daoism in the works of other Icelandic literary authors.

Papers can be written in English, Danish, German, French or Spanish. They should be around 5000 words, line spacing 1.5, Times New Roman. More on guidelines:

Submission deadline is 13 January, 2023.

Queries and papers should be sent to the editor of this special issue, 2023, Geir Sigurðsson, in