Milli mála is a nonprofit publication. Authors are not subject to any fees at any point in the publication process. The publication of translations, however, is contingent on the permission of the proprietor of the rights to publication. Milli mála has limited means to meet potential fees for the publication of translated material. Translators are expected to make inquiries concerning permission to publish their translations and may themselves be liable to pay such fees.


All articles submitted to Milli mála are subject to anonymous peer review by two experts in the field. Peer review is not required for translations (and their accompanying introductory material), discussion notes or book reviews.


In conducting their research as well as during the writing process authors should be guided by intellectual honesty and integrity and rely on recognized methods and best academic practices. Authors must ensure that their submissions are fully in line with the journal stylesheet and ready for peer review. By submitting an article for publication to the journal, the author consents to the anonymous peer review process: the peer reviewers will receive no information concerning the author, nor the author concerning the peer reviewers. Reviewers should have no conflict of interest in either the publication or rejection of the article. Authors are expected to take account of the criticism and observations of the anonymous reviewers as appropriate.

With the exception of translations, submitted articles must be original works and previously unpublished. By submitting an article for publication to the journal, the author confirms that the article has not been published elsewhere, is not currently under review by another journal or publication, and will not be submitted elsewhere during the review process of Milli mála. All designated co-authors must have contributed substantially to the research or writing of the article. Grants and other financial support must be acknowledged.


By submitting material to Milli mála, authors and translators grant permission to the Vigdís Finnbogadóttir Institute of Foreign Languages for continued publication online and in open access. The text as layed out in Milli mála shall not be republished without the expressed permisson of the executive editorial team of Milli mála.


The editors of Milli mála should be notified about errors or suspicion of misconduct; the executive editorial team of Milli mála will respond to any allegation of misconduct in an appropriate manner, whether by publishing corrections, apologies or retracting articles.